5 Steps to Finish What You Start

5 Steps to Finish What You Start
There’s no feeling quite like when you first get started with a project. You’re naturally filled with motivation and anticipation. You can envision achieving your goal and the pride you will feel. Yet one day, you realize that the project is a bit too difficult and not as attractive as you initially thought. Before you know it, months have gone by, and you never seem to have the time or energy to go back and finish your project. It’s much easier to allow your goal to lose its glow than to see it to the finish line. When you lose energy in a project, it is not uncommon to make excuses for not completing the task. It’s so easy just to scrap a project, procrastinate or even just decide to Netflix and Chill. However, I’m here to tell you that you can see your goals through. I’m here to encourage you to complete that project. And I’m also here to tell you to unleash your power so that you can share your actual value. Just imagine your feelings of pride and accomplishment as you finish your projects–one after another. But first, you have to shift your mindset–you need to believe that you have the absolute ability to complete your projects consistently. Here are five steps that will help you consistently complete your projects and achieve your goals:

1. Identify the purpose and importance.

One key to finishing what you start is not to begin something that has little relevance to your life. Before you take a deep dive and create a new project, ask yourself: “Is this truly important?” followed by “Why?” By asking yourself these two questions, you will be positioning yourself to understand the project’s true importance.

2. Assess your timing.

Ready to launch a new project? Before you get started, consider the other obligations you have in your life. If you’re a working mother with children in many extracurricular activities and no babysitter, it might be challenging to take on another project. Remember that any of your responsibilities will take away from time you can genuinely commit to your new project.

3. Remain committed.

Once you have determined that your project is viable and needs to be launched now, it’s time to commit. Write down your project idea. Then, write down every step to be completed to achieve your goal. Finally, include a deadline for each step.

4. What is your result?

As you consider the importance of achieving your goal, think of how it will impact your life. Will pursuing and completing this project change your life? How?

5. Be realistic.

Be honest with yourself. The more pragmatic you are when deciding to start something new, the more likely you will finish the task.

Lasting Thoughts

Deciding to set a new goal is the easy part. The hardest part: completing the project. It’s difficult to start and finish a project with no challenges. However, if you are proactive, you will learn to remain positive and accomplish your goals. Need an accountability partner to help you get things done? If you are ready to work with me, I’m here to support your growth and development.

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