Strengthening Your Persistence for Greater Success

Strengthening Your Persistence for Greater Success

Have you ever heard the adage “persistence is key?” Often, when we hear this, we nod our heads in agreement. However, have you ever considered all that it takes to remain persistent, even when the most significant challenges were present?

Whenever I reflect on times when I was persistent, I always realize that I was laser-focused on achieving my goal. No one could discourage me from obtaining my success. There was no challenge–big or small–that would keep me from achieving my dream. At every moment, I was determined and disciplined because I wanted results. And when I finally reached my goals, I felt like I was on top of the world: I felt confident and ready to tackle another goal.

I recognize that the road to success is quite bumpy. We all meet challenges that sometimes make us feel filled with self-doubt. However, if your goal is truly important, you must remain steadfast and ready to shake those moments of low confidence. Below are four thought processes that will help you stay filled with self-discipline and tenacity so that you can achieve success.

Allow Your Faith To Fuel Your Persistence

Newsflash: it’s not always the most talented or skillful woman who is successful. Instead, it is the woman who believes in her ability to achieve her goals. I am confident that a woman who believes in herself is already walking with faith. She believes that she can do the work to achieve her goals. And when moments are challenging–from discovery calls that don’t lead to sales or clients who don’t pay on time–a successful woman does not give up. Instead, she believes in the power of her business and will not allow quitting to be an option.

Develop Actionable Strategy To Achieve Your Goal

You can’t be persistent if you don’t possess a purposeful, actionable goal. The key to persistence is having a clear plan that you want to achieve. You will also need a clear understanding of why you would like to achieve your goal. Then, you will have to develop a strategy to achieve your goal.

Let’s say your business has grown and you are looking to move out of your home office, you’ll have to ask yourself:

  • Why do I need to move out of my home office?
  • How will this help my business grow?
  • What changes will I need to make for my goal to become a reality?

Yes, you will have to find an affordable space. But how will you pay for that space without hurting your business? You’ll have to raise your fees, which might create pushback from your current clients. How you respond to this is where persistence is key. Pushback might mean that you have to stand firm in changes you make for your business. Or, it might mean that you take on more business, which will require more work on your part.

Either way, if you want that office out of your house, you must set an actionable goal and remain persistent.

Always Have A Plan B

If your strategy and plan of action is not working, it’s time to try a different approach. Persistent women never give up–instead, they find a new way of achieving that same goal. Some people might consider having a Plan B as a sign of you not knowing what you really want. However, that’s simply not true. Experimentation holds hands with persistence. Your ability to remain flexible and creative will always provide you with the fuel to achieve success.

Remain Inspired and Motivated By Others

Entrepreneurs love to share their stories. After all, our stories are filled with overcoming challenges, finding success, and that great space in between these benchmarks. If you are working hard to build up your ability to remain persistent, don’t be discouraged. Read books written by other women entrepreneurs who have learned about the power of persistence. Listen to podcasts interviewing women entrepreneurs who are actively sharing their insight on the ups and downs of business ownership. Finally, join membership groups run by women entrepreneurs. These spaces are nurturing and supportive environments that will also be great networking avenues.

Last Thoughts

Always remember that you have the power within you to persevere. While doubt is present in the minds of the most successful women, they never allow self-doubt to become a reason that they quit. Instead, successful women rely on their faith and create purposeful goals that are achieved through strategy. If you need a push–whether large or small–to strengthen your persistence, I’m here to help.



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