Are You An Entrepreneur?

Are You An Entrepreneur?

Uncommon opinion: being an entrepreneur is more than being a business owner. True entrepreneurs possess a growth mindset that allows them to remain independent thinkers who are learners of new skills, innovative, and always thinking outside the box.

Here are some signs that you might be a true entrepreneur:

Ability To Think On Your Feet

True entrepreneurs never allow a roadblock to deter them from reaching their end goal. While the presence of the roadblock might create challenges, an entrepreneur will take a moment and consider how to overcome an obstacle. They might change their approach to operating their business or even rebrand their business to reach a different target audience, but giving up is never an option.

An Unshakeable Self Confidence

Entrepreneurs always have a unique perspective-they believe that an idea can come to fruition. There is never a thought of ‘this can’t be done.’ An entrepreneur will always think, ‘Of course, it can be done!’ The only question an entrepreneur will pose is, ‘do I want to do it?’

Being a Fierce Competitor

Always being to learn and researching competitors allows entrepreneurs to remain innovative. Without new skills and resources, no entrepreneur can remain competitive. Therefore, the best entrepreneurs continuously identify new approaches to running their businesses.

Creative Control

You’ll never find any real entrepreneur in the role of an employee for too long. They don’t like conforming to rules. Entrepreneurs are truly independent thinkers who need time and space to be creative.

True entrepreneurs are solitary beasts who work very well on their own, or as the leader of a team, but very rarely as a member of a team. The only rules they are interested in are those they make themselves.

It is important to note though that others may find working with an entrepreneur is challenging. Entrepreneurs have a constant flow of new ideas, perspectives, and projects. They may not focus a lot on planning or may be a little impatient. However, with the right leadership skills, entrepreneurs can continue to live in the present and help others to understand their vision.

Natural Leader With A Desire To Be Innovative

If another entrepreneur has created a similar idea, a true entrepreneur will consider other ways of expanding the concept. Suppose a statement has never been introduced to the market. In that case, an entrepreneur will have fun considering creating the idea and the fame associated with being the first innovator.

Unconventional Thinking

Entrepreneurs are action-oriented people who are adventurers, pioneers, and creative thinkers. Their primary goal is finding an innovative way of achieving their goal. They are unconventional in how they think and how they do things. They will change the way things are done, just because they can.

This is why you’ll never find any real entrepreneur in the role of an employee for too long. They don’t like conforming to rules. Entrepreneurs are truly independent thinkers.


Finally, a true entrepreneur has no fear and is laser-focused. They will spend no time thinking about yesterday. An entrepreneur knows that TODAY is where it all happens and will start early and finish late to get ahead of any schedule, timescale, or competitor.

Lasting Thoughts

If you have an undying need to be creative and love either taking the lead or working alone, you just might be an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur also means that you are always in pursuit of learning more information. Do these qualities describe you? If so, reach out. I support women who have a deep desire to take their businesses to the next level.


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