Strengthening Your Persistence for Greater Success

Strengthening Your Persistence for Greater Success

Have you ever heard the adage “persistence is key?” Often, when we hear this, we nod our heads in agreement. However, have you ever considered all that it takes to remain persistent, even when the most significant challenges were present?

Whenever I reflect on times when I was persistent, I always realize that I was laser-focused on achieving my goal. No one could discourage me from obtaining my success. There was no challenge–big or small–that would keep me from achieving my dream. At every moment, I was determined and disciplined because I wanted results. And when I finally reached my goals, I felt like I was on top of the world: I felt confident and ready to tackle another goal.

I recognize that the road to success is quite bumpy. We all meet challenges that sometimes make us feel filled with self-doubt. However, if your goal is truly important, you must remain steadfast and ready to shake those moments of low confidence. Below are four thought processes that will help you stay filled with self-discipline and tenacity so that you can achieve success.

Allow Your Faith To Fuel Your Persistence

Newsflash: it’s not always the most talented or skillful woman who is successful. Instead, it is the woman who believes in her ability to achieve her goals. I am confident that a woman who believes in herself is already walking with faith. She believes that she can do the work to achieve her goals. And when moments are challenging–from discovery calls that don’t lead to sales or clients who don’t pay on time–a successful woman does not give up. Instead, she believes in the power of her business and will not allow quitting to be an option.

Develop Actionable Strategy To Achieve Your Goal

You can’t be persistent if you don’t possess a purposeful, actionable goal. The key to persistence is having a clear plan that you want to achieve. You will also need a clear understanding of why you would like to achieve your goal. Then, you will have to develop a strategy to achieve your goal.

Let’s say your business has grown and you are looking to move out of your home office, you’ll have to ask yourself:

  • Why do I need to move out of my home office?
  • How will this help my business grow?
  • What changes will I need to make for my goal to become a reality?

Yes, you will have to find an affordable space. But how will you pay for that space without hurting your business? You’ll have to raise your fees, which might create pushback from your current clients. How you respond to this is where persistence is key. Pushback might mean that you have to stand firm in changes you make for your business. Or, it might mean that you take on more business, which will require more work on your part.

Either way, if you want that office out of your house, you must set an actionable goal and remain persistent.

Always Have A Plan B

If your strategy and plan of action is not working, it’s time to try a different approach. Persistent women never give up–instead, they find a new way of achieving that same goal. Some people might consider having a Plan B as a sign of you not knowing what you really want. However, that’s simply not true. Experimentation holds hands with persistence. Your ability to remain flexible and creative will always provide you with the fuel to achieve success.

Remain Inspired and Motivated By Others

Entrepreneurs love to share their stories. After all, our stories are filled with overcoming challenges, finding success, and that great space in between these benchmarks. If you are working hard to build up your ability to remain persistent, don’t be discouraged. Read books written by other women entrepreneurs who have learned about the power of persistence. Listen to podcasts interviewing women entrepreneurs who are actively sharing their insight on the ups and downs of business ownership. Finally, join membership groups run by women entrepreneurs. These spaces are nurturing and supportive environments that will also be great networking avenues.

Last Thoughts

Always remember that you have the power within you to persevere. While doubt is present in the minds of the most successful women, they never allow self-doubt to become a reason that they quit. Instead, successful women rely on their faith and create purposeful goals that are achieved through strategy. If you need a push–whether large or small–to strengthen your persistence, I’m here to help.



Is Your Mind Open For Business?

Is Your Mind Open For Business?

It’s no secret that the pandemic changed the way that we think about business and the way that we decide to manage our businesses. But one thing must always remain constant: that we remain open to the idea of running and growing our businesses.

As women entrepreneurs, there are many obstacles that have the potential to dissuade us from showing up and running our businesses. We have to identify the right clients for our businesses. We have to nurture relationships. We have to always be willing to position ourselves for growth. And let’s not even talk about how sexism, racism, even classism can make us feel like we don’t deserve a seat at the table. However, we have the power to push past all of these challenges and isms so that we can remain open for business. And how does that happen? By possessing a growth mindset.

A growth mindset allows you to always find a new approach when you are faced with a dilemma. When you adopt a growth mindset, you will never feel like you have the ability to fail. Alternatively, you will feel like you have the power to succeed–you will just have to identify the right tools and resources.

Below are some ideas that will help your growth mindset remain strong and resilient as you approach your business.

Gratitude Is Key

Gratefulness always allows us to remain positive in our thinking. Even when we are presented with difficulties as business owners, it is essential that we think about the goodness in all that we do. I always begin and end my day with affirmations related to gratitude. Here are a few that have helped me to grow as an entrepreneur:

I am grateful for everything and everyone that has gotten me here. I am ready to step into my genius – and my business.

I am grateful that my mind is open. I can take in so much more information, now that I am open to all channels.

I am grateful that my business is alive and thriving.

Self Awareness

As an entrepreneur, you have to understand your behaviors. After all, this is part of your ‘why.’ When you possess self-awareness, you are awake and aware of the pulse of your business. And when you have reached this level of awareness, your success will take you to new levels.

Your self-awareness will allow you to see that people understand the value and expertise. You will be able to speak to your target audience effectively and you will truly shine.

The affirmations below always sustain my self-awareness:

All that I seek is already within me.
Today my own well-being is my top priority.
My voice is always heard when I speak.
I know myself.

Remain Positive and Forward Thinking

When you are self-aware and grateful, you will also be able to remain positive in all of your actions. When business slows down or you are faced with a challenging client, your energy will always dictate your ability to persevere.

These affirmations always help to shift my thoughts and remain forward-thinking:

With the world opening up again, this creates a whole new market for me. I am ready to update my marketing plan.

I am creative and flexible.

I can make a difference in the lives of others.

I matter to those around me.


Finally, as you move forward in your business, never forget the power of reflection. As business owners, we always need to be ready to change. Our creativity and flexibility must always be ever-present as the world is constantly changing. Below are affirmations that I always use when self-reflecting on myself and my business.

My past does not dictate my future.
I live in peace with my experiences.
I am proud of myself today and always.
My business matters.

Yet self-reflection is much more than affirming your past, present, and future. It requires you to consistently consider the transformations your business must make to grow. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • What are the changes that I need to make in my business model now?
  • How can my business shift to fit with the new world?
  • How can I make a positive impact on the world?

Lasting Thoughts

Being a business owner is not easy. Even without the presence of a global pandemic, entrepreneurs faced considerable obstacles. If you are serious about your business and want to achieve success, it’s time to put your thoughts to action.

5 Steps to Finish What You Start

5 Steps to Finish What You Start

There’s no feeling quite like when you first get started with a project. You’re naturally filled with motivation and anticipation. You can envision achieving your goal and the pride you will feel. Yet one day, you realize that the project is a bit too difficult and not as attractive as you initially thought. Before you know it, months have gone by, and you never seem to have the time or energy to go back and finish your project. It’s much easier to allow your goal to lose its glow than to see it to the finish line. When you lose energy in a project, it is not uncommon to make excuses for not completing the task. It’s so easy just to scrap a project, procrastinate or even just decide to Netflix and Chill. However, I’m here to tell you that you can see your goals through. I’m here to encourage you to complete that project. And I’m also here to tell you to unleash your power so that you can share your actual value. Just imagine your feelings of pride and accomplishment as you finish your projects–one after another. But first, you have to shift your mindset–you need to believe that you have the absolute ability to complete your projects consistently. Here are five steps that will help you consistently complete your projects and achieve your goals:

1. Identify the purpose and importance.

One key to finishing what you start is not to begin something that has little relevance to your life. Before you take a deep dive and create a new project, ask yourself: “Is this truly important?” followed by “Why?” By asking yourself these two questions, you will be positioning yourself to understand the project’s true importance.

2. Assess your timing.

Ready to launch a new project? Before you get started, consider the other obligations you have in your life. If you’re a working mother with children in many extracurricular activities and no babysitter, it might be challenging to take on another project. Remember that any of your responsibilities will take away from time you can genuinely commit to your new project.

3. Remain committed.

Once you have determined that your project is viable and needs to be launched now, it’s time to commit. Write down your project idea. Then, write down every step to be completed to achieve your goal. Finally, include a deadline for each step.

4. What is your result?

As you consider the importance of achieving your goal, think of how it will impact your life. Will pursuing and completing this project change your life? How?

5. Be realistic.

Be honest with yourself. The more pragmatic you are when deciding to start something new, the more likely you will finish the task.

Lasting Thoughts

Deciding to set a new goal is the easy part. The hardest part: completing the project. It’s difficult to start and finish a project with no challenges. However, if you are proactive, you will learn to remain positive and accomplish your goals. Need an accountability partner to help you get things done? If you are ready to work with me, I’m here to support your growth and development.
5 Tips That Increase the Odds of Achieving Your Goals

5 Tips That Increase the Odds of Achieving Your Goals

Have you ever felt like the goals you set in your business were unachievable? Here’s the reality: you’ve got to take a giant leap if you want to turn your dreams into a reality. To achieve your goals, you’ve got to do more than just write them down. After all, goals that become a reality are all steeped in our behaviors and our ability to make them actionable.

Before you get started with developing your monthly, quarterly, or annual goals, you should first start by identifying what new or updated programs and/or services you want to accomplish. What are the most important things that need to be done to create success or help you realize your goal? What projects do you need to complete in your business? It’s not always easy to choose a goal to focus on when there are so many ideas for you to tackle. Here’s an activity that will help you identify a goal in your business:

  • List three to five “projects” that you believe will improve your business.
  • Consider all the steps that would need to be completed to successfully accomplish these project.
  • Choose the projects that would have the most immediate benefit to your business.

Once you know what you want to get done, create S.M.A.R.T. goals. These are goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

These strategies will allow you to create S.M.A.R.T. goals and transform your dreams into reality to support your business’ success:

Create a goal that is specific and focused.

Your business goal should be focused on and identify a tangible outcome you want to achieve. Without being specific your goal runs the risk of being too vague about what you actually want to achieve. Also identify what resources you are going to leverage to achieve success, where appropriate.

Also, think about who’s responsible for supporting this goal. Having specifics in your goal statements helps you to claim responsibility for doing everything that needs to be done to accomplish the goal.

Make sure your goal is measurable.

How will you know if you have accomplished your goal or are making progress towards your goal? It starts with stating the metric you will use to determine success. For example, if you want to increase sales for your business, you should indicate by how much you want to increase sales. A measurable goal would then include a statement such as “increase quarterly sales by 15%”. The inclusion of measurement helps you know when you have achieved the goal and even when you surpass that goal.

Ensure your goal is attainable.

As you develop a goal, it can be easy to create goals that go well beyond your reach. For instance, if your business can only reasonably develop 10 “widgets” per week, it may not be attainable for you to set a goal at 100 “widgets” in a month. Although you want to create some level of stretch in your goals, you always want to make sure you can reasonably accomplish your goal within a certain time frame.

Develop goals relevant to your long-term vision.

Relevant goals will be in line with your vision for the business over time. Your goals should be oriented to those activities that will move your business forward. If your priority this year is to launch a new service or product, then your goal should be aligned with that activity. Creating relevant goals is about getting real with yourself and ensuring you are trying to achieve something that is worthwhile to your business, is aligned with your values, and is a priority focus for the business.

Set a deadline.

All goals need a deadline. A time-bound goal helps to motivate you to apply focus and discipline to achieve the goal. Write your goal as specific and targeted. Here is an example:

Not so great goal example

“My goal is to create a new website.”

Instead, using S.M.A.R.T. goal principles you might develop the following goal:

“By December 1, 2022, publish a redesigned website. “

You also want to create the objectives or activities that will help you reach your goal. For instance, the steps to your new website design might include:

  • Purchasing a new template by November 1, 2022
  • Writing my website content by November 10, 2022
  • Uploading new content and images by November 15, 2022
  • Allowing my team to provide feedback by November 21, 2022
  • Implementing input by November 27, 2022
  • Complete final review and publish on December 1, 2022

This statement provides a clear endpoint but still allows the goal to be accomplished sooner. It may be more practical for you to limit the timeframe to 12 weeks or less. Or if a goal will require a more significant period, break the goal down into smaller, multiple goals so you can see the progress along the way.

Lasting Thoughts

Remember to prioritize your goal. Your brain is inundated with countless things every day. Your mind needs to know that this goal is an essential task to be achieved. The best way to keep your mind focused on your goal is by developing strong, positive emotions. Imagine what it would feel like to achieve your goal. Imagine the ideal scene. What would you see, smell, think, and feel? The better your vision, the greater your odds of success.

While there are multiple ways to set goals in your business, the tips above have proven highly effective for many entrepreneurs. If you are serious about achieving your goals but need support in developing a strategic plan of action, I am here to help.

Are You An Entrepreneur?

Are You An Entrepreneur?

Uncommon opinion: being an entrepreneur is more than being a business owner. True entrepreneurs possess a growth mindset that allows them to remain independent thinkers who are learners of new skills, innovative, and always thinking outside the box.

Here are some signs that you might be a true entrepreneur:

Ability To Think On Your Feet

True entrepreneurs never allow a roadblock to deter them from reaching their end goal. While the presence of the roadblock might create challenges, an entrepreneur will take a moment and consider how to overcome an obstacle. They might change their approach to operating their business or even rebrand their business to reach a different target audience, but giving up is never an option.

An Unshakeable Self Confidence

Entrepreneurs always have a unique perspective-they believe that an idea can come to fruition. There is never a thought of ‘this can’t be done.’ An entrepreneur will always think, ‘Of course, it can be done!’ The only question an entrepreneur will pose is, ‘do I want to do it?’

Being a Fierce Competitor

Always being to learn and researching competitors allows entrepreneurs to remain innovative. Without new skills and resources, no entrepreneur can remain competitive. Therefore, the best entrepreneurs continuously identify new approaches to running their businesses.

Creative Control

You’ll never find any real entrepreneur in the role of an employee for too long. They don’t like conforming to rules. Entrepreneurs are truly independent thinkers who need time and space to be creative.

True entrepreneurs are solitary beasts who work very well on their own, or as the leader of a team, but very rarely as a member of a team. The only rules they are interested in are those they make themselves.

It is important to note though that others may find working with an entrepreneur is challenging. Entrepreneurs have a constant flow of new ideas, perspectives, and projects. They may not focus a lot on planning or may be a little impatient. However, with the right leadership skills, entrepreneurs can continue to live in the present and help others to understand their vision.

Natural Leader With A Desire To Be Innovative

If another entrepreneur has created a similar idea, a true entrepreneur will consider other ways of expanding the concept. Suppose a statement has never been introduced to the market. In that case, an entrepreneur will have fun considering creating the idea and the fame associated with being the first innovator.

Unconventional Thinking

Entrepreneurs are action-oriented people who are adventurers, pioneers, and creative thinkers. Their primary goal is finding an innovative way of achieving their goal. They are unconventional in how they think and how they do things. They will change the way things are done, just because they can.

This is why you’ll never find any real entrepreneur in the role of an employee for too long. They don’t like conforming to rules. Entrepreneurs are truly independent thinkers.


Finally, a true entrepreneur has no fear and is laser-focused. They will spend no time thinking about yesterday. An entrepreneur knows that TODAY is where it all happens and will start early and finish late to get ahead of any schedule, timescale, or competitor.

Lasting Thoughts

If you have an undying need to be creative and love either taking the lead or working alone, you just might be an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur also means that you are always in pursuit of learning more information. Do these qualities describe you? If so, reach out. I support women who have a deep desire to take their businesses to the next level.